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Huai 'an Huayun New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise mainly engaged in extrusion and plastic production. The company has many years of production experience, the introduction of advanced production equipment, the production of ABS board, PP, PE board and sheet can be widely used in household appliances, medical instruments, automobiles, advertising, architectural decoration and other fields. We are in line with the "unity and progress, innovation and realistic, quality and quantity, customer service" business purpose, work together to product innovation and development, common development and growth, sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to visit.
Enterprise culture
Committed to building "a trustworthy product and a proud enterprise"
Enterprise honor
Received multiple honorary titles
Production equipment
Co-extruded sheet production line, mass production of PE, PP, HIPS, ABS, EVA and other types of sheet
Product center
Specializing in the production of ABS template, ABS, profiles of fire prevention board, HIPS board, PP board, PP double-color board, PE board, such as plastic plate, and the product surface is matte, glossy, flame retardant, antistatic and extinction, or according to customer request production of embossed leather grain, wrinkles, point pattern all kinds of plastic sheet can be widely used in household appliances, automobiles, sanitary ware, advertising, architecture decoration, screen printing, printing and other fields,
Focus on plastic sheet extrusion production and processing
Industry advantage
Perfect marketing and service system
Covering a wide area of marketing and service system, to provide customers with one-stop service experience.
Strong technical experience accumulation
Experienced technical research and development team, master the core technology of mechanical seal, strong research and development strength
Qualification complete high quality raw materials strict quality inspection
Products through high temperature resistance, sealing, corrosion resistance and other quality inspection procedures, the whole process reversible tracking
News  Information
Understand mechanical seal industry trends, grasp the real - time information
PP board can meet the needs of different levels of different directions?
The test proves that the shortening rate of PP board is relatively high, usually 1.8-2.5%. And the direction uniformity of shortening rate is much better than PE-HD data. If the addition of 30% glass additive can make the shortening rate down to 0.7%, ......
The advantages of ABS sheet in various industries
What material is PP sheet metal and what use are there
Raw material characteristics of ABS plastic sheet
Learn about our applications in different industries
Products are widely used in automobile, electronic appliances and building materials, packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment works, machinery and instrument industry in various fields
Automobile manufacturing
Automotive applications include automotive instrument panels, automotive exterior panels, steering wheels, sound insulation panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation ducts, and many other components. The instrument panel of the car using ABS is made of PC/ABS as the skeleton, and the surface is then coated with PVC/ABS/BOVC film. In addition, the interior of the decorative parts of a large number of ABS, each small car with the weight of the average ABS about 11 kilograms.
About Huayun
Company profile Enterprise honor The enterprise culture Production equipment
Product center
ABS sheet PP plate PE sheet
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